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The case studies are independent studies selected through our Regional Hub network. The case studies are improving understandings of how quality CCE policy and practice address holistic, cultural, and regional factors. Narratives and descriptions of completed and in progress case studies are accessible below.


Disclaimer: The case studies are independent studies funded by the MECCE Project. The content included in the final case study reports do not necessarily imply official endorsement or acceptance by the MECCE Project. Please report any errors to [email protected].


The case studies project would not be possible without the contributions from the Case Study Adjudicators from our Regional Hubs; the guidance the MECCE Project’s Case Studies Working Group, Regional Hub Co-Chairs, and Steering Council. Throughout the MECCE Project, the funded case studies have benefited from the coordination work of Ms. Mariana Campos Rivera, Dr. Aaron Morehouse, and Ms. Nicola Chopin, as well as and the research assistance of Rita Adjei, Ella Clerehan, and Keara Quadros.

Regional Hub Co-Chairs
Africa – Ludwig Chanyau, Sidney Muhangi (Rhodes University)
Americas – Oren Pizmony-Levy (Columbia University), Joe Henderson (Paul Smith’s College)
Australasia – Kartikeya Sarabhai (Centre for Environment Education), Susie Ho (Monash University)
Canada – Isabelle Levert-Chiasson (Canadian Commission for UNESCO), Ellen Field (Lakehead University)
Europe – Pramod Sharma (Foundation for Environment Education), Stefan Bengtsson (Uppsala University)

Case Studies Adjudicators
Africa – Anderson Assuah, Babacar Sarr, Hajar Idrissi, Harrison Ekoh, Henry Oriokot, John Bhurekeni, Kanyantila George, Khalil Walji,  Lawrence Godfrey, Lulu Maqwelane, Raphael Atanga, Samantha Lindgren
Americas – Adam Young, Amanda Smits, Ana Karen Cota Navarro,  Astrid Steele, Brenda Lia Chavez Cosmalon, Daniel Saenz, David Cruz-Choque, Elisabeth Lefebvre, Heather McGregor, Maria Spiliotopoulou, Vanessa Fonseca, Yves Plourde
Australasia – Atta Ul Haq, Desmiwati Wong, Kate Greer, Katsunori Suzuki, Kiichi Oyasu, Livleen Kahlon, Preeti Kanaujia, Roy Parimal, Shruti Joshi
Europe – Alain Pache, Alfredo Jornet Gil, Ben Murphy, Camilo Ruiz, Diego Posada, Eric Guilyardi, Leonie Ströbele, Lynda Dunlop, Vitor Manteigas

Steering Council Members
Organizational representatives – Amber Webb (SDSN), Daniel Shaffer (FEE), Dirk Hastedt (IEA)
Academic representatives – Marcia McKenzie (USask/UMelbourne), Aaron Benavot (UAlbany), Heila Lotz-Sisitka (RhodesU)