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Interactive Data Platform

THE IMPORTANCE OF Global DATA on Climate Change Communication and Education

Climate change communication and education (CCE) is recognized as a priority in the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. However, we currently lack benchmarks and targets to support increased CCE provision and quality. Countries and intergovernmental capacity is also lacking to monitor CCE quality and quantity of provision. The MECCE Project is developing comparative data on CCE through case studies, country profiles, and indicators. Our data support international and national policymaker, educator, communication, and civil society sector decision-making.

The Interactive Data Platform is designed to be an accessible place to access data and indicators on the extent and type of CCE provision across countries and regions. The MECCE Project is using a phased approach, and will add data and indicators on an ongoing basis.

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Explore the Data

Country Profiles

Read about how countries are prioritizing and implementing CCE policy and practice.

Global Indicators

Analyze data on the amount of education, training, and public engagement in countries around the world.

Case Studies

Learn about holistic and locally responsive CCE policy and practice in diverse contexts.