Mr. Yao Ydo

UNESCO International Bureau of Education (IBE-UNESCO)
Yao Ydo is Director of MECCE Partner, the UNESCO International Bureau of Education (IBE-UNESCO), and is part of the MECCE Project’s Indicator Expert Group. Prior to joining the IBE, Mr. Ydo worked with UNESCO Multisectoral Regional Office in Abuja where he served as the Regional Director, representing the organization at the regional, national, and international levels. With over 24 years of wide experience within the UN system, Mr. Ydo began his career at the Headquarters of UNESCO, Paris, in the Basic Education and Literacy Section in 1997 as an Associate Expert. His extensive hands-on experience in education includes a variety of education posts at UNESCO Field Offices in Mali, Cameroon, Congo (DRC), and Senegal. In his various functions, Mr. Ydo acquired experience in the development of partnerships and resource mobilization from development banks, private sector, UN agencies, and Governments (self-benefiting funds).