Mr. Iain Patton

Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges
Iain Patton is with MECCE Project collaborator, Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges (EAUC), and is part of the Knowledge Mobilization Working Group. He is the Chief Executive of EAUC. Commended by his Headmaster for being able to spell the word ‘environment’, it seemed Iain’s destiny at an early age that he would develop a passion for sustainability. This destiny was later fulfilled when Iain moved from Ireland to England to become the first dedicated Environmental Officer in a UK college. Iain soon became the EAUC trailblazer, leading the writing and realisation of a business plan for the newly formed charity. Today he is leading it through a significant new strategic vision and rebrand to reposition sustainability for university and college leaders as ‘just good business’, the ‘new norm’ in how we all will work in the future.