Kristen Hargis

University of Saskatchewan
Kristen Hargis is a MECCE Project Research Associate overseeing our US Landscape Analysis which is exploring state-level uptake of climate change education in policy across primary, secondary, and higher education. Kristen’s doctoral research used practice theory to explore how climate change education could and should be conceptualized at K-12 schools, including in relation to socio-emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and justice-oriented learning dimensions. She also uses a whole institution approach to climate change education in her research, which includes climate change education within teaching and learning, school governance, facilities and operations, and community partnerships. She has provided research assistance on a range of research projects conducted by the Sustainability and Education Policy Network (SEPN) since 2013, including several UNESCO consultancies and SEPN’s Canadian Landscape Analysis. She will graduate with a Ph.D. in Environment and Sustainability from the University of Saskatchewan in 2023 and received her M.Ed. in Educational Foundations from the University of Saskatchewan.