Dr. Nina Kolleck

University of Potsdam
Nina Kolleck is part of the MECCE Project’s Indicator Expert Group. She is a Professor at Universität Leipzig in Germany, where she heads the Institute of education policy and civic education and conducts research projects dealing with topics relating to social networks in education and policy, educational administration, cultural education, sustainability, educational reforms, social innovations as well as quantitative and qualitative methods. She brings methodological and analytical expertise in social network analysis, including in relation to climate change and sustainability education governance, regularly publishing in the top journals in her field. She serves as an advisor, consultant, and board member for the German Ministry of Education and Research and was appointed directorate member of the commission for education management, education planning, and educational law by the German Educational Research Association. Dr. Kolleck also collaborates with the Sustainability and Education Policy Network (SEPN) on a project investigating the influences of policy actors on United Nations policy programs related to climate change communication and education.