Dr. Ingrid Schudel

Rhodes University
Dr. Ingrid Schudel is with MECCE Project partner, Rhodes University, and participates on the Case Studies Working Group. She is a senior lecturer at Rhodes University involved in pre-service and in-service courses at bachelors, certificate and honours levels with a focus on transformative learning, environmental education and Natural Science teaching in schools. She is also a lecturer and co-ordinator of the Masters in Education (Environmental Education), which supports environmental education in school, higher education, community, NGO, and government contexts. She is involved in a number of research programmes, particularly as a principal researcher in the Fundisa for Change Network and the Citizen Science research programme at the Environmental Learning Research Centre. Across these programmes, broad research interests include active, situated, and social learning; knowledge and learning; science and citizenship; transformative learning; curriculum and environmental learning; and teacher professional development.