Help Us Better Understand Nonformal Climate Change Communication and Education

Support groundbreaking research on organizations providing climate communication and education services in the United States! 

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By participating, you will be among the over 1,000 organizations expected to contribute to this research. Responses will be used to create the world’s first web-based directory of nonformal organizations with climate communication and education programming, which will be featured at COP28 and on the MECCE Project’s Interactive Data Platform. 

This research project aims to estimate the number, size, and geographical location of nonformal organizations with climate communication and education programming, and will help us better understand nonformal climate communication and education programming, and the challenges, best practices, and networks of organizations that offer this kind of programming.

Data collection is beginning in the US, and will expand out globally in the coming months.

This study is in partnership between the North American Association of Environmental Education, Teachers College, Columbia University, and the Monitoring and Evaluating Climate Communication and Education Project, as part of our US Landscape Analysis project. For more information about this partnership, see the first report from this work Mapping the Landscape of K-12 Climate Change Education Policy in the United States

If you have any questions about the questionnaire, you may contact Dr. Oren Pizmony-Levy, at [email protected] or +1-212-678-3180 or WhatsApp +1-812-219-0826. The study protocol number is 23-102