Mr. Cristian Fabbi

UNESCO International Bureau of Education
Cristian Fabbi is with MEECEC partner, IBE-UNESCO, and is part of the MEECEC Indicator Expert Group. He is the International Senior Expert on early childhood care and education at IBE-UNESCO and the Director of Progettinfanzia Bassa Reggiana. He is the former Director of the preschools of Bassa Reggiana and has an extensive experience in Preschool planning organization and management (for instance in Azerbadjan, Egypt, India, Swaziland, and the Seychelles). Based on his interest in the development of resilient preschool systems, he is now developing the creation of a prototype of policies of early childhood care and education on behalf of UNESCO. In this role, he is contributing to the development of preschools in different Countries in Africa and Asia. Fabbi is also a collaborator of Save The Children.