Deepayan Basu Ray

Climate Outreach
Deepayan Basu Ray works with governments and international bodies to increase recognition of public engagement as a key component in addressing climate change and meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement. Deep has worked for 15 years in international and regional forums on arms control and sustainable development; working with civil society and parliamentarians to support more inclusive treaty and policy development processes. Prior to joining Climate Outreach, Deepayan worked with Pacific Island and Southeast Asian countries to strengthen their national systems, laws and legislation to ensure compliance with a range of UN treaties and agreements. He also established and led the Arms Trade Treaty Monitor project – a civil society initiative to strengthen compliance with the UN Arms Trade Treaty. Deepayan holds an MA in International Relations (Sussex University) and a BA in Political Science and Environmental Studies (York University, Canada). He is fluent in Bengali, English, and Hindi. In his spare time, he can be found singing, rustling up Indian feasts, and taking his ice hockey fantasy league ‘commissioner’ duties far too seriously.