Case Study Summary

The City and Climate Change: Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices for Climate Change Management and Adaptation in Greater Tegucigalpa and Surrounding Municipalities

Regional Hub: Americas
Country: Honduras
Action for Climate Empowerment Element: Public Participation​

Based in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, the Honduran Association of Developing Communities (AHCODESS) promotes socio-economic development. The association fosters meaningful actions for sustainable development and creates experiences in formal and non-formal education.

Due to climate vulnerability in Honduras, recent climate impacts in the country, and the AHCODESS supports projects that increase the capacity of communities to better respond to climate change. For instance, the AHCODESS produces risk management guidelines, awareness campaigns, as well as capacity building in the agricultural and institutional sectors.

Based on previous projects and research, AHCODESS is conducting a Case Study entitled the “Study of Knowledge, Attitudes, Practices on Management and Adaptation to Climate Change Project.” The CCE initiative tracks educational and climate policies as well as people’s readiness to mitigate and adapt to climate change in the city of Tegucigalpa and the surrounding municipality.

The Case Study aims to describe and collect data on human and institutional strengths, capacities, and gaps in climate change awareness and risk management. The Case Study will survey educational centers, Indigenous groups, agricultural sectors, public institutions, and NGOs from the “Cinturón Verde ” (Green Belt) surrounding Tegucigalpa. AHCODESS is working with various stakeholders and public authorities on the Case Study.

The project aims to inform policy making, empower citizens to take climate action, and enhance the quality of CCE at the local and national levels.

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