Case Study Summary

Emotions, Climate Change, and the Classroom: A Resource for Primary School Teachers

Regional Hub: Europe
Country: France
Action for Climate Empowerment Element: Training

According to a UNESCO report published in 2021, teachers all over the world have expressed a need for quality teaching resources and professional training for CCE. The OCE’s handbooks contain a series of lesson plans based on active learning, inquiry-based, and project-based approaches that teachers can use to teach climate related topics. They emphasize the science behind climate change and the need for positive individual and collective actions to mitigate its effects. While a thorough understanding of the science of climate change is essential, we now know that it is important to equip teachers and students to also handle the emotional impacts of climate change.

This Case Study will research a resource developed by OCE: a class activity which aims to equip teachers and students to handle the emotional impacts of climate change developed in response to teacher requests. The Case Study evaluates the effectiveness of OCE’s lesson plan in managing eco-anxiety and provides a better understanding of eco-anxiety in teachers and 9-12 year olds. 

The research uses a randomized controlled trial approach, with up to 80 teachers from up to 4 countries (Canada, France, Ireland, and Mauritius), with the intervention group receiving training and conducting one class activity on the consequences of global warming and one activity on emotions. The control group will conduct only the activity on consequences of global warming. Data will be collected from both groups before and after the activities. Standard tools measuring eco-anxiety levels and behavioural approaches will be used to collect quantitative data. Qualitative data will be gathered through interviews and focus group discussions with teachers and students to get a better understanding of participants’ emotions and behavioural changes. 

OCE will use the research to make their CCE resources more impactful and holistic. The Case Study will also contribute towards a better understanding of eco-anxiety in young children.

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